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An afternoon concert at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park

I performed a solo show in the studio of the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens at the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Park, which consists of the land where the Cornish colony was, his sculpture gardens, manor, and studio. There is an excellent summer concert series there for which I was fortunate to perform.

I played a program of Bach's 4th unaccompanied cello suite, Spiral by Robert Davidson for cello and digital delay (it's a big canon), a new work called Varsha by Reena Esmail for baroque cello based on the monsoon ragas Megh and Malhar, a solo piece by Adam Rudolph, and a short benarsi dadra in Raga Bhairavi.

Playing solo is a special challenge both in terms of endurance and in maintaining a connection with the audience with the limited palette of one instrument. There is a unique satisfaction in the independence of it as well. I particularly enjoy presenting a hybrid program that includes classical music of the western tradition as well as the Indian and also music that uses improvisation, extended techniques, electronics, etc. This type of programming feels an accurate reflection of where I'm at musically and where I've been in my life.

photo credit to Ralph Epifanio

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