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New Release Raag Darbari

This bandish in Raag Darbari has several versions with different lyrics which express devotion, both Hindu and Muslim. Whatever the lyrics, the mood is Darbari; somber, majestic, profound, and noble.

Living musical traditions transform and evolve, absorbing new elements along the way.

My guru, Dr. N. Rajam, was already a virtuoso in her native Carnatic tradition by the time she traveled from Chennai to Benares to learn N. Indian music from her guru, Omkarnath Thakur when she was about 15 years old. The violin was not developed in Hindustani music at that time, and she brought all of her skill to the rendering of raga in the gayaki ang style on her instrument. Now there are many many Hindustani violinists and no one would be surprised to hear this bandish played on the violin.

I came to Mumbai from America, playing cello, having learned in the Western classical tradition. I used what I knew to learn N. Indian music from Ammaji and adapt my playing to render this music properly on my own instrument. Perhaps one day there will be a multitude of Hindustani cellists?

Many voices, different words, and different instruments. The music endures, shining its light. Happy Diwali all.


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