Sarafand Record Release

I'm so happy to announce the upcoming release of Inner Rhyme, the debut album of Sarafand, our band led by my extremely talented friend Layale Chaker on Jan. 22 at the Stone in New York. This album celebrates Arabic poetry, unveiling musical threads woven by the rhythmical cycles of the twelve classical Arabic poetic meters, the physical contour of verse, and the percussive potential of words. Layale’s composition process aims to capture the shape and essence of epic testimonials on life, death, war and love that make the heart of Arabic poetry.

Here is a single that has already been released:

We had performed this set at National Sawdust and the Palestine Museum US back in the summer and then headed into studio while the material was fresh. This album is one of the projects I have been most proud of in recent years. Extraordinary playing by Layale, Nick Dunston on bass, Phillip Golub on piano, and Adam Maalouf on percussion. You can order the album here.

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