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An excerpt of Sleep & Dream Flying for solo cello by Akshaya Avril Tucker

This piece that I commissioned was crafted with me in mind, using the open tuning I use for Indian music and leaving space for improvisation and ornamentation.  

A few highlights of J/J for solo cello and string orchestra by Stanley Charkey

It was commissioned by Zon Eastes for Juno Chamber Orchestra. The piece features an improvised cadenza that employs Indian cello techniques. 

Layale Chaker & Sarafand - Frah el Donniye

Part of "Inner Rhyme" (2019)  with Jake Charkey (cello), Nick Dunston (bass), Phillip Golub (piano) and Adam Maalouf (percussion).

Raga Bhairavi | HCL Baithak (2020) | Piano - Cello Utsav Lal & Jake Charkey

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