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JP Schlegelmilch at Happy Lucky No1

JP Schlegelmilch

Myk Freedman Presents :

JP Schlegelmilch - Piano, Compositions Dana Lyn - Violin, Jake Charkey - Cello, Satoshi Takeishi - Percussion. JP Schlegelmilch presents new music written for the classical piano trio instrumentation (piano, violin and cello) plus percussion. Inspiration was taken from American modernist composers Charles Ives, Henry Cowell, and Lou Harrison, and their multi-faceted musical worlds. The music has a chamber music atmosphere but leaves room for the ensemble of improvisors to make their own discoveries.

Happy lucky no. 1’s inviting street-level gallery space, located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is the site of an eclectic range of contemporary art, interdisciplinary events and cultural activities for artist and audiences from Brooklyn and beyond.

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