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Cello Concert at The Owl Music Parlor

I performed a solo show in the Owl Music Parlour part of the Open Grounds Series. I have always advocate for programming new music for solo cello in recital alongside Hindustani music. I'm grateful for the opportunity to present this work. For the set of solo hindustani music my friend and tabla player Mir Naqibul Islam accompany me.


- ' Poetic Moments' composed by Adam Rudolph, which is partially improvised and was designed to smoothly segue into Indian classical music,

- 'Raag Jog' in Teen Taal - This raga is played during the late evening. in between 9 PM and midnight. It has a magical quality that lives up to its name (jog indicates a state of enchantment)

- 'Piya To Manat Nahi' A Thumri in Rag Mishra Kafi Taal Deepchandi

- 'Ghei Chand Makrand' - Marathi Natya Sangeet A 19th century marathi opera, this form of drama combines prose as well as poetry in form of songs to convey a story.

घेई छंद, मकरंद, प्रिय हा मिलिंद

मधुसेवनानंद स्वच्छंद, हा धुंद

मिटता कमलदल होई बंदी भृंग;

परि सोडिना, ध्यास, गुंजनात दंग

The first two lines describe a honey-bee trying the extract honey from a lotus flower. It gets so engrossed with the pleasure that it gets from consuming the nectar that in this process, forgets that it needs to get out of the lotus flower before sunset.

- Raag Bhairavi - This raag is very powerful and filled with devotion and compassion. Bhairavi is actually performed early in the morning in a peaceful, serious and occasionally sad mood. Traditionally Bhairavi is used as the last item of a program, for its exceptional detail of sentiments and also for its broad tonal arrangement.

- Varsha (Rain) composed by Reema Esmail. A Solo cello piece for baroque cello based on the monsoon ragas Megh and Malhar commissioned by The Juilliard School. This piece was done by Indian-American composer Reena Esmail, who works between the worlds of Indian and Western classical music, and brings communities together through the creation of equitable musical spaces.

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