Sarafand at Lincoln Center

I performed with Layale Chaker and Adam Maalouf in a slimmed down trio version of Sarafand at the Lincoln Center Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center for a film and panel discussion event dealing with the refugee crisis stemming from war in Syria. We performed selections of our album 'Inner Rhyme'.

Innovations in Education as Response to Conflict:

An evening at Lincoln Center with the visionary leaders designing new ways to educate and accelerate generations who have been denied learning because of conflict.

The evening included poetry, music, a short-film screening and a panel of distinguished experts, to discuss their revolutionary approaches to educating.

Roadmaps Festival is an artistic, humanitarian and cultural event. Each year, the festival brings together artists, humanitarians and intellects to explore a current crisis through film, music, performance and discussion. The goal of the festival is to premiere new works that stir collective consciousness and inspire meaningful action.

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