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Layale Chaker & Sarafand - 'Inner Rhyme': CD US Release Concert - The Stone at The New S

I performed last night with Layale Chaker & Sarafand to release our new album, 'Inner Rhyme' at the Stone. The heating was out so we wore scarves, but the music warmed up the place pretty quick. I love playing with these guys!

Layale Chaker (violin, composition) Jake Charkey (cello) Phillip Golub (piano) Nick Dunston (bass) Adam Maalouf (percussion)

"Layale Chaker's Inner Rhyme is a distinguished addition to the catalogue of In a Circle Records, the imprint founded in 2008 by Brooklyn Rider's Johnny Gandelsman. Though the French-Lebanese violinist recorded her debut album in New York during the summer of 2018, its contents primarily draw for inspiration from Eastern traditions, Arabic most of all, even if a strong connection to Western jazz also emerges. Chaker is joined on the recording by a stellar cast, namely Sarafand members Jake Charkey (cello), Phillip Golub (piano), Nick Dunston (bass), and Adam Maalouf (percussion).

Groundwork for the project began when Chaker immersed herself in performances of Lebanese oral poetry, wedding chants, and Sufi remembrance recitations and came to better appreciate the prominent roles poetry and music play in Lebanese life. After spending countless hours absorbing the material (and ultimately translating twelve classical Arabic poetic meters into rhythmical form), she found the enormous richness and complexity of Arabic music began to reveal itself. Many of the details she identified, counterpoint and polyphony among them, naturally threaded their way into her own pieces, eight of which (one a three-part suite) compose Inner Rhyme." - Textura

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The Stone at The New School serves as an artist-centric home and community for experimental and avant-garde artists, where they can perform what they want without any interference. With concerts every Tuesday through Saturday evening, The Stone at The New School continues the tradition of the landmark non-profit performance space founded in 2005 by Artistic Director John Zorn.

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