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Marlboro Slipstream Group Performance

Finally performed our first show with Marlboro Slipstream Group at Marlboro College after months of rehearsal. We presented some work by Ned Rothenberg as well as Matan Rubinstein's tone poem Terraplane. Challenging music, with some tricky electronics mixed in. It was a blast to work on and enriching to expand my improvisational palette, stretching the limits of sounds that can be made on a cello.

Marlboro Slipstream

Join us for the inaugural event for Marlboro’s new ensemble in residence, featuring Marlboro music faculty Matan Rubinstein with Marlboro’s three artist in residence. Marlboro Slipstream Group (MSG) was conceived as a musical meeting of four performers/composers/improvisers of wildly different musical backgrounds, to make music that is betwixt and between.

Jake Charkey (cello) is classically trained—in both Western and Indian Hindustani traditions—and has spent many years working a wide gamut of musical idioms in several continents, and is at home in both concert stage and recording studio.

Andrew Greenwald (drums, percussion) is a somewhat recent PhD in music composition from Stanford and founding member of Ensemble Pamplemousse, who has enjoyed a career both as a contemporary concert music composer and as a drummer in jazz and improvised music contexts.

Ned Rothenberg (alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, and shakuhachi) has been internationally acclaimed for both his solo and ensemble music, utilizing an expanded palette of sonic language that creates a kind of personal idiom all its own.

Matan Rubinstein (Piano, Electronics) is active in a variety of contexts and venues from works for orchestra and chamber groups (with and without electronics), to Jazz Orchestras and combos, as well as projects for dance, film, television, and interactive media.

The program will include the world premiere of Terraplane, a multi-movement composition that is a tongue-in-cheek throwback to the Romantic era form of the Tone Poem, inspired by Jack Womack’s dystopian parallel-universe science fiction novel by the same title. Written for the ensemble by Rubinstein, the piece brings together an angry blend of electronic music, improvisation, and composition.

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