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O Megh with Shantanu Moitra

Recently released on MTV's "the Dewarist's" this song heavily features my cello.

Kashmir bears witness to the fourth collaboration of this season, where Shantanu Moitra and Papon create a song inspired by Tagore’s poem, ‘O Megh’ — a tribute to a child’s imagination and his dilemma at leaving his mother behind while he’s tempted to go and play with clouds and waves. In Kashmir, they meet local poets who introduced them to local traditions via Bhand Pather’s performance. As our Dewarists jam together,The Poem takes them back to the memories of the time they spend with their parents, back home. In Season 04, we pay homage to the original verse-makers before our time. Here poetry meets music. Follow the Dewarists as they are led by India's finest poets to far corners and beyond, in search of a song.

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