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Golestan at Festival Accès Asie, Montréal

Veronica Simas de Souza and I spent a week in Montréal rehearsing with Ziya Tabassian, an old friend from Montréal and India, and young master of Persian percussion. We explored the intersection of Hindustani and Persian music and dance (with a slight Arabic detour as well).

The show, 'Golestan' was presented in the beautiful hall of Jeunesses Musicales. Couldn't have asked for a sweeter venue, and we were extra lucky to have my guru's daughter Dr. Sangeeta Shankar in attendance.

I performed a short solo in Darbari and accompanied Ziya's tombak solo as well as Veronica's Kathak presentation.

Our stay in Montréal was enriched by the incredible hospitality of Ziya and the festival director Khosro Berahmandi. We ate delicious Persian food the whole time!

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